Jean Ockeghem

Jean Ockeghem was one of the finest composers of the 15th Century. He was the first chaplain of the king of France, Charles VII, and, thanks to the generosity of the sovereign power, treasurer of the Saint-Martin abbey in Tours as of 1459. He remained in the service of the successors to the throne of Charles VII, namely Louis XI (1461-1483) and Charles VIII (1483-1498).

Until now, we have only been able to speculate about his birthplace. It was believed for a long time that he originated from Termonde or even Bavay.

A recent discovery made by Mr. Daniel Van Overstraeten has unquestionably proved that Jean Ockeghem was indeed born in Saint-Ghislain.
So as to regularly honour the memory of Jean Ockeghem, the Town of Saint-Ghislain has, since 2002, organised a polyphony festival.

In October of each year, the ECHO Festival allows music lovers and amateurs alike to appreciate the various facets of polyphony, in other words singing in multiple voices. Tinged with classicism, originality or modernity, the three concerts offered to residents of Saint-Ghislain and the neighbouring areas can be distinguished above all else by their exceptional quality.

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