Modern day version

The Legend of Saint-Ghislain revised and corrected by youngsters in Saint-Ghislain

Hey all you teens and passersby!
Unplug your Nintendo,
Pack away the Cluedo
And let’s all listen to our Freddo,
The bear cub who was a little clumsy
And who loved to nap on the back of mumsy
Like a bag,
On her shoulder,
Making ma’ bear feel much older,
She was like my Maccy D’s,
Feeding me near a puddle in the breeze...
Laugh, you may well do
As I read to you this story
About the legend, oh so fair
Of a much beloved mother bear
And of course the monastery
Built by a priest so holy
Alongside my own marsh dear
Where I led a life full of cheer ...
Yet the pride of our family one and all
Alas! one day under threat did fall
As if it had been thrown flat
Down upon a straw tatami mat
All because of the compulsive way
Of Mother bear,
Who could not stand still but for a day!
To Miami she would have fled
But to Nimy could not have hoped to gain
For enemies a price had fixed upon her mane ...

One hound his claws her skin did scratch,
With another she almost met her match
But, by chance she got away
Finding refuge in a basket she lay,
To find the warmth she oh so pined.
From the habits which the basket lined
Adorned in which she looked divine!

Of her, the hounds lost all trace
Mother bear had won the race!
Her capture, hounds and hunters could not extol
Mother bear, herself did console
In the habits where her head took rest
Taking comfort in the safety there
Like in the warmth of the sun
On the Costa del Sol, on a day so fair!
So Mother bear did laugh aloud
When thinking of her victory proud
And then to her heels she took
Just as Falbala in the Asterix book
In the habits of the prelate dear,
Saint Ghislain, who lived so near!

A shortened tale this may be
But the beginning it is of a long story
And if this tale did bring you glee,
Please spare your thanks for me
Simply turn the page,
And you can read
More and more
Than you could ever need ...
All sorts of adventures
There are told
From down the centuries
Of old ...

Are you intrigued by this story and want to know how it ends?

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