Location Maps

In order to help to easily locate some of the major locations in Saint-Ghislain, the Town has created, in collaboration with the Walloon Region, intermodal location maps. These intermodal maps allow you to view the location according to various possible transportation methods.

Please find below those location maps which are currently available:

Local Government (Administration communale)

"La Rollandine" Library – Adults and children (Bibliothèque La Rollandine)

Public Centre for Community Social Work (CPAS)

Ockeghem Area – Town Tower (Espace Ockeghem)

Centre for Culture (Foyer Culturel)

Grand Place in Saint-Ghislain

Itinerary for HGVs: access to business parks and the town centre

Citizenship Centre (Maison de la Citoyenneté)

Employment Office (Maison de l'Emploi)

Saint-Lô Stadium (Stade Saint-Lô)

Tourist Office (Syndicat d'Initiative)

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