Twinning with Saint-Lô

The twinning charter was signed on 9 September 1962 with the Town of Saint-Lô in France.

This official act sealed an already deeply rooted friendship between the members of the twinning committee who, today still, meet regularly with the greatest pleasure.

Layettes exchanged between Saint-Ghislain and Saint-Lô

Each year, in Saint-Ghislain, the child who is born nearest to Christmas receives a layette offered by the Town of Saint-Lô ; whilst in Saint-Lô, the first child born in the New Year receives a Layette offered by Saint-Ghislain.

Twinning with Sierakowice

During the festivities for Ascension in 2005 the bonds of friendship with the Town of Sierakowice in Poland were made official in Saint-Ghislain.

Since this time, Poland is regularly honoured through events which are organised in our Town (Inauguration of the mining wagon in Hautrage, Exhibition at the Town Tower in 2007, Polish Week in 2009, etc.)
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